Fax is acts as an information device which this method have been used by most of people in ancient days. In order to make fax, they used the machine called facsimile. This is the type of device which through this one can easily send or receive texts or pictures through telephone line. Because, in those days the telephone lines is been the main source for communication. Most probably, all houses are holding this telephone lines. The fax machine works by just digitalizing the images which that have been divided into the grid of dots.

Each dot will vary, whether it may be on or off, this is depending upon the white and black color. In electronic words, we can mention this as 0 or 1. In this way, the electronic way of fax machine will translates the picture into the series of ones and zeros which can be transmitted as like normal computer data. In receiving end, the fax machines will reads these incoming data, and thus it translates all zero and ones back into the dots and this will reprint the pictures.

But, in these days these much of things are not followed and it become very easy. This made easy by the invention of internet faxing method. With this internet faxing, many persons can send and receive the faxes through their computer itself and by this they can enjoy huge benefits. The main benefit of using this internet faxing services is focused on businesses. But, you may hear about the word called email faxing. What is meant by email faxing and is it possible to send the fax through Gmail?

In order to fax through email, the person just needs the fax number of their mail, but this is also easy because the free online fax number can be generated to send the fax through our mail. The online services have taken their service as one step further; this is just by offering the integration with the outlook account or the web mail. This actually means that you can integrate the gmail account or some other web mail services, so through this the faxes can be sending and received directly and also easily through your web mail. With this internet faxing, you just need to pay monthly price and after that you should control in you expense, so that you will never charge at the end of month.