Best Easy-to-Use Tools for Beginners to Create Animations

Whether you’re looking to produce an introduction graphic for your business, or just wanting to impress your co-workers with a presentation that will make their jaws drop, using animations is never a bad idea. These animations not only make the video or presentation you make look beautiful, but are also very intriguing for the viewers. Animations add a great flavor to your presentations and motion videos.

However, making an animation or a motion graphics is not easy as it may seem. You need to spend ample amount of time on it to get the desired results. Luckily, there are a handful of platforms and programs available today that help you create your own custom animations.

Here are some of the easy to use tools for creating animation for beginner that you can use to create your own custom animations and motion graphics:

Apple Motion

This is a graphics app that can be downloaded in any system running on Mac OS X. It’s an ideal application for creating simple animations for independent projects and business needs. Also, the app contains features, like vector painting, motion tracking, and even 3D-composition as well. The best thing about the application is that it’s very easy to use and it just takes few minutes to design an animation.

Adobe After Effects

This is probably the best tool to design animations for beginners. Part of the Adobe’s Creative Cloud, this software lets you create and design high-end motion graphics and even lets you add post-production video effects. The software contains a huge plethora of features that let you create stunning animations and motion videos. Apart from the complex features, the app also features many easy-to-use features that let you design and create 2D animations. They can be made very easily and it also doesn’t take much time to design these 2D animations.

Go! Animate

Unlike the aforementioned platforms that are needed to be downloaded and installed before you can start using them, Go! Animate is an online application that you can use without needing to download anything. This online application lets you make basic customized animations for school projects and work presentations. The website contains more than 50 template characters that you can choose from. You also get 20 music tracks, 20 backgrounds, and 200 props as well.


Like, Go! Animation, Wideo is an online animation and motion video creation platform. It’s free and is very easy to use. You get to choose templates and pictures as well from the personal library present on the website and can use them to create short videos.

These are some of the best tools and platforms to create great animations for your needs.